Data is like garbage. You’d better know what you are going to do with it before you collect it. Mark Twain


Digital Solutions & Product Management

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Here's some of the projects I've managed. This is some cool stuff.

Distribution Strategy

This is an ongoing project to migrate hundreds of CUMC sites into a scalable distribution product. Using Drupal as the base we are building a product that considers the unique needs of departments and sections across the institution while allowing sites to be easily maintained. The product is continuously being improved and adheres the federal standards for accessiblity in order to remain 508 compliant.

Drupal Migration & Digital Strategy

This was a long-term project to migrate the CLS website from a legacy CMS to Drupal. The law school had over 80 separate sections within its website associated with different departments, centers, events, or administrative functions, each with an internal editing staff. Working with stakeholders to determine their business goals and how to best achieve them through digital channels, we established a framework for the overall strategic focus. Through content audits, mapping and modeling, and guides for brand compliance, we devised workflows, structure, and governance, to build the foundation for cohesive and engaging digital presences with measurable results.

Digital Asset Management

The purpose of the project was to streamline the image keywording to allow better ingest processes and make images discoverable. The secondary purpose was to allow the images to be indexed by search engines. In the beginning there was very little buy-in because the key stakeholders were skeptical about the quality of tags we would get via crowdsourcing and they also feared having images appear in search engines and being reused without consent. My approach was to show the board the dramatic difference in production between crowdsourced tags and on-staff tagging. I also worked closely with developers to design a workflow that not only tagged images but then adjudicated those tags to maintain the quality. In order to convince the board that we wanted images in the search engines I demonstrated existing search results and showed that their images were already indexed but by domains outside of and presented analysis of lost revenue based on search results not leading to the Magnum Photos website. Prior to launching the project there were about 14 images indexed in Google that led to, now there are over 100k. (You can take a look at the 'Press' section on my website to read some articles about the project.)