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Read about the semantic keywording project I worked on profiled in Wired Magazine, The New York Times, and other places. It's pretty interesting stuff.

  • British Journal of Photography article
    British Journal of Photography
  • Wired Magazine article
    Wired Magazine

Press ←Read all about it!

February 2016 - Columbia University News: Three IKNS Students Partner with Lyrasis CEO Robert Miller
July 2011 - The Toronto Star: Photo Agency Magnum Wants Help Tagging 250,000 Archival Photos
July 2011 - New York Times: Crowd-Sourcing the Magnum Archive
June 2011 - Wired Magazine: Hidden Treasure: Lost Photos From the Set of American Graffiti
June 2011 - MIT Technology Review: How Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Unearthed Lost Photos From American Graffiti
June 2011 - Panos Ipeirotis: Crowdsourcing and the Discovery of a Hidden Treasure
Feb 2011 - British Journal of Phography: Magnum Photos' Tagging Game