Be sure to take the lens cap off before photographing. Elliott Erwitt


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My photos

My name is Meagan and I like taking photos. Here are some of my favorite in no particular order.

  • Eiffel Tower
    Eiffel Tower. Montmartre, Paris.
  • Olive orchard
    The Montisci olive orchard. Oliena, NU, Sardinia.
  • Sunset in Sardinia
    Sunset in Sardinia.
  • Mulholland fountain
    Mulholland Fountain, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Wild horse, Sardinia
    Wild Horse. Oliena, NU, Sardinia.
  • Chambers Street Station
    Chambers Street Station. New York City.
  • Chambers Street Station
    Cool Waters Ranch, Andes, NY
  • Sunset in Fort-de-France
    Fort-de-France, Martinique
  • Lucha Libre wrestling
    Lucha Libre. San Francisco.
  • Rabbit
    Italian Bunny. Vigevano, Italy.
  • Dogs
    Lazy Dogs. Puerto Rico.
  • Cats
    Lazy Cats. Cinque Terre, Italy.
  • Cat
    Cat. Cinque Terre, Italy.
  • Graffiti
    Street art. Puerto Rico.
  • Antigua
    English Harbour, Antigua.
  • Olive tree
    Olive Tree. Oliena, NU, Sardinia.
  • Pier
    Pier. Puerto Rico.
  • Sunset, NYC
    Sunset. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.
  • Cinque Terre
    Via Dell'Amore. Cinque Terre, Italy.