Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add but when there is no longer anything to take away. Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Digital Solutions & Product Management

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Random Good Stuff

My name is Meagan and I like taking photos. I also like building things and taking things apart. Fortunately, I have been able to utilize both those skills in my vocation. I build web products and break down projects into discreet elements to manage all the moving parts. Oh, and I also have an olive orchard in Sardinia. That's pretty cool, right?

  • Photobooth pictures
    Good times.
  • Meagan Young Montisci
    Oh hey, that's me looking all nice and stuff.
  • Artwork
    All I want to be...
  • Artwork
    Cool Waters Ranch, Andes, NY
  • Pratt Institute panel discussion
    She works hard for the money, so hard for it honey.
  • Paris, France
    Montmartre, Paris, 2008.
  • Mulholland Fountain
    Mulholland Fountain, Los Angeles, CA, 2017.
  • Olive orchard, Sardinia
    The Montisci olive orchard. Oliena, Sardinia, 2013.

Projects ←this is some cool stuff!

Read about the semantic keywording project I worked on profiled in Wired Magazine, the New York Times, and other places. It's pretty interesting stuff.

I'm currently working on a Large-scale Drupal distribution strategy project to restructure the institution's hundreds of sites into a scalable solution.

Highlights ←All the meat, no fat

Here's a taste of some of the cool stuff I've been doing, you should check it out:

→IKNS @ Columbia University
Recently completed my MS in Information and Knowledge Strategy at Columbia University, where I learned all sorts of amazing stuff. Read all about my capstone project with LYRASIS.

→Digital Asset Management
Developed crowdsource strategy for re-keywording image archive with semantic data to improve findability and SEO of digital assets.